Calypso’s princess

Ever since I was a child everyone told me, “Davy, you just have to study while you are in school. Once you enter college you can have all the fun you want. So study hard now.”

So I studied. I studied hard and I became one of the top scorers in the nation.

Then I entered college. I had fun for a while before I once more heard the same phrase. “Davy, study and enter a good university. Then you can have all the fun you want.”

So I studied once more. Honestly I don’t even know why I am studying. By this time I knew it was all a lie. As soon as my results came out, my parents insisted that I apply for a prestigious university, after all this would affect my life ahead and I was not a kid anymore. They repeatedly stressed on how I should study and focus because this was very important for my life. Where was my fun??? So much for you can have fun in university. All lies! Now here I am. In front of the gates of the Harvard University for my Masters degree. Well this ought to be fun.

When I entered my dorm and saw the mess it was, I let out another long sigh. At that moment, I wished everything would get over already.

“Why are you sighing? You know you shouldn’t sigh. I heard every sigh takes away 5 minutes of your happiness.” I turned around to look at the unusually free person who had problems with my sighs. Like gosh! Can’t I even sigh now? The speaker of the voice was a beautiful girl. She wasn’t a drop-dead beauty. She was an ordinary kind of beauty.

I was envious of her. Not because of her beauty. But because of her clothes. She wore a multicoloured skirt with symmetrical designs paired with white cap-sleeved shirt. I really liked her skirt. I wish I could wear it too. I sighed once more and shifted my line of sight. I did not want to be rude so I asked her who she was. She introduced herself as Calypso and told me she was waiting for my dormmate. And that was the end of our first conversation.

Over the weeks she often came over to meet my dormmate. We eventually became friends. She would always wear something new every week. I wonder how much she spends on shopping. Sometimes I wish even I could wear those cute clothes.

A year later we started dating. University is not half bad with her around. We rented an apartment outside the campus. It’s closer to our respective workplaces and it is not far from the campus. We share the apartment with my dormmate and Bryan, my dormmate’s boyfriend.

The first time I saw her wardrobe after we moved in, I was shocked with the amount of clothes she had. She literally took two-third of the wardrobe. But it’s okay. I don’t have much clothes anyway. I usually only wear jeans and shirts because I do not have the patience to comb through shops and buy good clothes. And I suck at shopping so there’s that. Also I love Calypso’s clothes. And I love her. So all’s good.

Two years have passed since then. I am now comfortable borrowing Calypso’s things. She often insists that I wear her clothes and sometimes even buys a few of them specifically for me. I am happy to oblige. I love her clothes, shoes and accessories. She has a great fashion sense unlike me. But her love for clothes burns a whole in my pocket. I wish she would restrain herself a bit.

Staying together lead to a few fights in the beginning but we have sorted our things and are now used to living together. Bryan tends to use all the bath bombs and body soap. This causes a few fights in the house. Calypso keeps on complaining how she has to keep on restocking on them. Even Aalia, my dorm mate and his girlfriend complains about how he uses it so often. Bryan defends himself, claiming that he feels like a brand new woman everytime he uses it and he feels very refreshed. Both the girls at the end just sigh and make him pay double the amount. They claim it to be the labour costs for restocking it time and again.

Calypso brought a new dress for me today. It is a plain white dress with a ribbon around the waist. It was really cute. I wore that dress and showed it to everyone. They all showered me with praises.

“You look so beautiful!” Aalia exclaims.

“Just like a princess.” Bryan smiled.

“Hmph! Worship me, Princess Daviana.” I say haughtily as I flip my long hair.

Calypso hugs me from behind, resting her chin on the crook of my neck and whispers in my ear, “Gladly.”

I blush and smile.

Maybe University isn’t so bad after all. Maybe I am finally living my life after studying so much. I wish this never ends. I wish I can be a princess forever.

Calypso’s princess.